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Raw For Pets

Our Products

We offer government approved meats custom packaged to meet your pets needs.

Fresh, ground, frozen meat and meat products.

Feed 2-3% of your dogs ideal body weight.




Ground Chicken and Chicken bone, Chicken heart and chicken gizzard,

Beef and trim beef lung, beef heart,. beef tongue, beef liver, beef  kidney, beef spleen, beef tripe.

Pork, pork heart, pork tongue, pork liver.

Whole fresh fish


Safe Handling Instructions
Raw meat products may contain bacteria that could cause illness if mishandled. Keep raw meat separate from other foods; wash working surfaces, utensils and hands with hot soapy water after each feeding. Treat as you would any raw meat product.

Dog and cat food is available in
1/4 pound bags up to 2 pound bags
@ $2.00 per pound

Liver snacks are available @ $4.00 per bag

Delivery is available on orders of 100 lbs or more.  Delivery charges are $.50 a lb.