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Raw For Pets

I started really rethinking what we feed our pets a few years ago and decided to learn as much as I could about how to feed my dogs the healthiest way possible. 
We are seeing more and more pets with skin and coat problems.  Allergies is way to common. Joint and mobility problems are growing by the numbers.  Heart, kidney, reanal problems in our pets are growing along with cancer.

Our pet foods contain
*NO artificial flavors or colors    *NO fillers    *NO Gluten
            *NO preservatives of any kind, preserved by freezing
*The ultimate and healthiest diet foundation . . . as Nature intended

Just like us, our pets are what they eat
Here's what raw-feeding pet owners around the world see in their raw-fed pets:
*Shinier, healthier skin and coats
*Cleaner teeth and fresher breathe
*Better weight control
*Improved digestion
*Reduction of allergy symptoms
*Harder, smaller less smelly stools
*More energy and stamina
*Decrease in abnormal hyperactivity
*Increased mobility in older animals